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50% PROFIT !


Earn money for your non-profit organization by selling Rapid Car Wash tickets.  We sell tickets to you at 50% off retail price and your organization keeps the rest.

A profitable group effort for the following types of groups:

  • Boy Scouts /Girl Scouts
  • PTO’s
  • Churches
  • Athletic teams
  • Community Projects
  • Veterans support groups
  • Most Non-Profit Organizations
  • Local Service Clubs

t’s pretty simple…

Rapid Car Wash of New London, CT supplies you with order forms for all of your sellers, or your customers can go online, and purchase right from our website, using a special access code assigned to your fundraiser.

Customers have the choice of purchasing three types of washes: Regular, Supershine, or the Works.  They can buy any combination, or even books of each type. Books will come in a nice foil gift box.

When your fundraising is done, bring the orders back to Rapid Car Wash. We will supply you with the car wash tickets you need and your organization keeps 50% of the money you collected.

Rapid Car Wash Fundraising Benefits

The Rapid Car Wash Program is the fastest way to reach and exceed your fundraising goal.

  • By raising large sums of money quickly, with nothing to store, buy or spoil.
  • No headaches with organizing the wash party, or worrying if it will rain on your day.
  • Eliminate the buckets, hoses and sponges.  Let the Rapid Car Wash Program do the wet work for your organization.
  • Your organization is not obligated to make a financial investment…so you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.
  • You’ll be offering a quality product with a well-established and respected company.
  • You’ll give your contributors quality service, and real value for their contribution.
  •  Car Wash tickets can be sold and used anytime of the year and make excellent gifts.
  • Your organization keeps a generous portion of the money collected.
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Fundraising capabilities are unlimited.
  • Car wash tickets can be used by virtually everyone.

Professional Car washes are green!

Did you know that your typical parking lot fundraiser car wash runoff goes right into storm drains — and eventually into rivers, streams, creeks and wetlands where it harms aquatic and marine life?  Professional car washes use less water, and that water goes to the New London treatment plant!

Bottom line: easy to sell, easy to profit.

Some limitations may apply. And here they are.

  • Your organization must be a non-profit, or 501 (c)3 in order to participate.
  • Carwash certificates may NOT be discounted below the current retail price.
  • Certificates may NOT be sold on the premises of Rapid Car Wash.
  • Rapid Car Wash reserves the right to accept organizations into the program.

To start your fundraiser, or for more information, please call Linda Levine at 860-442-1283.


Qualifying Requirements

Rapid Car Wash Fundraising Program and pricing structures are designed to assist non-profit organizations and groups. The pricing structure reflects Rapid Car Wash’s commitment to helping our community and is not design to provide wholesale pricing to individuals, groups using our product for personal or company profit. In order to receive fundraising pricing, an organization must qualify as a non-profit organization as defined in one of the following ways:

Educational – Funds are being used to support a school or school related organization (i.e. band, club, student or parent group associated with a school or educational institution).

Religious – Funds are being used to support a non-profit church activities or church related organizations such as youth groups within the church.

Charitable – Funds are being used to support a charitable organization or benevolent cause.

Community – Funds are being used to support a community based activity devoted exclusively to charitable, educational or recreational purpose and not for individual gain.

Political parties are not eligible.

Additional information may be necessary to accommodate individual market requirements. Program options and availability varies by market.