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Detailing Services

We now offer detailing services here at the Rapid Car Wash.  All of our detail crew is Simoniz Certified, and they take the utmost care in every service they provide.

  • Prices are Subject to Change Based on Condition of Car

We unfortunately CANNOT offer detailing services when the weather is below freezing.


Platinum Special – Starts at $46 +tax Based on Condition of Car

A full Platinum Special wash (includes three waxes, under wash, undersealant, rim and wheel, and tire shine), One of our trained employees will tidy up your vehicle, vacuum, run your mats through our mat beater, and give your dash a dusting and wipe down windows for a clean car, inside and out. (No trunks, gloveboxes, or center consoles, due to their personal nature.)

Express Shampooing  – $50 each or $130 for all

A vacuum and fast shampoo will have your carpets, mats, or seats fresh and clean.

Deep Shampooing and Stain Removal – $35 per stain or $85 – $200

A treatment for your fabric seats, carpet, or mats, including a vacuum and deep shampoo.

Leather Conditioning – $100+

Get your leather clean with a vacuum, clean, and condition to make it look like it should, making it shiny and soft to the touch.  Sorry, no suede.

Custom Interior Detail – $175+

A cleaning that will renew, including a vacuum, shampoo, vinyl spot removal, windows, interior dressing, and a solid clean of the dash, vents, nooks and crannies.

Super Interior Detail – $250+

For a car that sees a lot of traffic, or perhaps has been neglected for a long time, or if you just want a stellar quality clean, this has everything that a custom has and more, including a full vinyl scrub, deep shampoo, and stain removal.

Rim Restore – $40+

Treat your rims right with a wash, rim cleaner, and hand polish to really bring out that shine and fight brake dust.

Door Jamb Cleanse – $30+

This area of your car is often overlooked, accumulating dirt and grease.  A good cleaning will have them sparkling like the rest of your paint job.

Pet Hair Removal – $50-100+2-3 hrs

Pet hair is intense and time consuming to remove, but the results are gratifying.  Please specify if the hair is long or short.