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2022 Fleet Program

How it works

Our fleet program is a sign and drive program, which means that all a driver needs to do, is show up at our Rapid Car Wash facility and sign a sign off sheet (Name, License Plate #, signature). Then they are all set to go through the tunnel. Rapid Car Wash conveniently will invoice fleet account holders at the end of the period.

What’s included?

As the cars are directed on to our soft cloth carwash conveyor, the cars will be hand prepped in soapy water and completely scrubbed focusing on the troublesome spots, then sent through the 100 foot tunnel.  A few minutes later the vehicle will be clean, dry and ready to go promote your business in a clean and professional manner. We can service almost every vehicle from the smallest sub compacts to the large full size trucks, vans and limos. Rapid Car Wash can also provide “bay time” in one of our bays for vehicles that are oversized, or for customers who would like to do it themselves.