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Car Care Services

442 Colman St.

New London, CT


Exterior Car Wash Hours
Sunday-Saturday: 8am to 7pm
Self Service Car Coin-Op
Open 24 HOURS

EXPRESS CAR WASH – We personally prep your vehicle with plenty of warm soapy, high pressure water before cleaning it in our state-of-the-art soft cloth wash.  Our gentle wash process features the finest soaps to remove harmful road contaminates and to bring out your vehicles beauty! We are sure to get all the hard to reach places to ensure that your vehicle looks the best that it can be!  Then your car is blown and hand dried for that perfect finish.

CLEARCOAT PROTECTANT – A high shine silicone wax enhances shine and helps protect against the sun and other pollutants.

TRIPLE FOAM PROTECTANT —  A powerful thick silicone polymer protection from road film, sun, and acid rain.

UNDERWASH CAR WASH – Clean the bottom of your car with 80 gallons of water per minute from 14 separate nozzles.  Washes off winter salt, or summer grime to protect the bottom of your car.

UNDERSEALANT – A state of the art rust inhibiting solution protects yours cars underside after cleaning by the Underwash.

RIM & WHEEL CLEANER – Break through that brake dust for clean and shiny rims.

TIRE CLEANER – This special formula cleaner clings to tires to dissolve heavy road grime and build up.  It deep cleans the rubber and brightens your white walls. Our 8 foot long tire scrubbing brushes will clean your tires better than ever.

TIRE SHINE — Our tire shine gives your tires that show room shine, with a long lasting high gloss finish.  It beautifies as it protects from ozone, UV rays and oxidation damage.  It’s oil based, so it won’t wash off in the rain.

TOUCH FREE AIR DRY – We use high volume air blowers to remove most of the rinse water.  Then we finish drying your vehicle with a hand towel dry.  The air dryer gently blows water out of all the crevices and grooves, to ensure that your vehicle will have a truly dry finish.

HAND TOWEL FINISH – We know you want your car to have that show room finish, so we hand dry every car with 100% cotton terry cloth.

SUPER VACUUMS – Our extra powerful professional duty vacuums maintain constant suction to help you breeze through this chore.  Best of all, you never have to worry about running out of time!

THE LITTLE STORE – Features a big assortment of car care necessities including towels, chamois, cleaners, protectants, mats, and over 100 different air fresheners.

SELF SERVE COIN OP BAYS AND VACUUMS – We never close!  For all those “do-it-yourselfers,” or late night people, we have five well lit self wash bays, one extra large truck bay, and ten vacuums that are open 24 hours.  All bays accept dollar coins, and three bays accept coins and currency.  Also on site are two bill changers, plus vending machine items such as window wipes, ArmorAll pads, and drying towels.

  • Tunnel – 100 foot
  • Unlimited Time self service vacuums
  • 5 – 24 hour self service bays
  • 24 hour HP Truck/Boat/RV washers
  • Self service Air Blower/Dryer
  • 5 – 24 hour self service 4 minute coin operated vacuums
  • 5 – 24 hour self service 10 minute coin operated vacuums
  • Super Mat Beater, Air freshener, shampoo machine – coin operated
  • The Little Store
    • Features a large assortment of car care necessities, including, towels, chamois, cleaners, protectants, auto mats and nearly 150 different air fresheners.